Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #209: Surreal

This week, it is Tracy from Reflection of an Untidy Mind’s turn to guest-host Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, and a quite difficult (at least to me) theme was chosen – Surreal.

According to Google, the definition of surreal is having bizarre quality. I would say this picture is bizarre enough, right?

I think this remains one of my top most bizarre photos ever taken and I’m not very sure how I managed to take such photo. All I can say is the camera can sometimes see things the human eyes cannot.

If you haven’t guess what this is by now, it is or was one of the cherry trees in my backyard budding and blossoming in early spring.

My second photo is just bokeh because why not? Bokeh has a certain level of bizarreness and beauty that can keep a person guessing what it is for hours.

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