Share Your World – Week of August 15, 2022

1. Do you prefer to live in a single story property like a bungalow, a high rise apartment, or a house?

I currently live in a split-level house. It was a popular design back in the late 90’s where the architect tries to put as much stairs in a house as possible. To get to the family room to watch TV, I have to descend 3 steps. To get to my bedroom, I have to ascend 10 steps. I remember what a hassle it was when I had my knee surgery a decade ago. I could only walk on one leg and had to practically sleep in the family room because I couldn’t get upstairs to my room.

I have lived in an apartment before. That includes a high rise because in China, just about everyone live in a high rise apartment. Back then, I lived on the 6th floor with no elevator. My paternal grandparents used to live on a 9th floor apartment. Again, no elevator. So I’m grateful the highest floor I’ve ever lived in after moving to the U.S. was the 3rd floor.

House or apartment? I’d say if I get to do it again, I’d prefer a single-story house. None of this split-level space sucking design.

2. If you won a large amount of money on the lottery, would you want publicity or keep things quiet and low key?

Definitely keep things quiet and low key, wouldn’t want to attract robbers.

3. How do you like your eggs? (No, this is not a trick question)

I love my eggs every which way – scrambled, fried over-easy to medium, poached (current favorite), baked, steamed, you name it.

4. If cars were no longer available, what would be your choice of transport?

I guess, for me, I’m doomed because I don’t know how to ride a bike and I have poor hand-eye coordination, so that just leaves walking, or as someone in my life used to say, “take the Bus 11”.

Get it? Because 11 looks like a pairs of legs.

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