Truthful Tuesday 08-16-22 – Siblings?

Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Would you prefer to be the opposite to what you are?

I am an only child because of a stupid government policy. I was born under the one-child policy in China, which all parents are forced to have only one child or be imprisoned or fined (heavily).

In my opinion, I don’t like this policy because it made parents treat their only child like treasure and often times, like kings and queens, like how my aunts and uncles treated their sons. I think this ruined them for life because as I’m writing this post, my cousins are in my mid-20’s, still living at home rent-free, one doing grocery delivery while the other working at a grocery store. One of them is even living in the Master bedroom of his parents’ house.

In a way, I am glad for those torturous 3 years while my mother was in the U.S. and I was in China being shuttled around from relative to relative and getting punished constantly for things out of my control. It made me who I am today – strong, independent, and financial responsible.

Do I want siblings?

I’m not sure if I do. I cannot picture myself with siblings. I’m the only female in both my mom and dad’s families – all their siblings have males. So I was surrounded with boys during those 3 years. If I did have siblings, I would wish for a sister or a mix of both brothers and sisters.

17 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 08-16-22 – Siblings?

  1. I’m the fourth out of five, with three sisters and one brother. I used to be envious of my brother because he was the only boy and got to go to his friends ‘ houses and generally had more freedom. I like being a girl, though. 😀

    And my mother used to buy matching outfits for my older sister, myself and my younger sister. Then she did it with my younger sister and me. I hated it because none of us are twins or triplets. She said it was easier to find clothes that way, without everything having to be individual styles.

    Truth be told, I don’t think that multiples should be made to dress alike, unless they want to.

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    1. My paternal great grandmother was a seamstress, and when they came to stay during the Summer holidays, she would make my sister and I matching frocks, and clothes for our dollies out of the remnants. We had the best dressed dolls in the neighbourhood. However, whether I liked the frocks or not, I ended up wearing them twice as I had my sister’s hand me downs. Mine went to the family next door as there were six kids, four of them girls.

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      1. My mother told me this over years after I was grown because I have brought it up occasionally so I understand now, although I hated it then. Especially when you wear them twice, like you and I did.

        I’m sure the parents appreciated it. I don’t know about the girls, though. 😉

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    2. Wow! I grew up with male cousins and I used to be envious of them because they got everything and I got nothing. Not anymore though. Being a girl don’t get any special privileges in neither my maternal nor my paternal households.
      And I agree, children siblings should not be dressed alike.

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  2. I am the middle one of three sisters. My older sister and I are two years apart, my younger sister is eleven years younger than me. I love them both but we alll are totally different.In a way I have more in common with the younger one because we both lived abroad. But on the other hand we two older ones grew up together, it is a totally other relationship. I have two sons, I always wanted sons. Perhaps because we all are girls.

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    1. Wow, that’s quite an age difference between you and younger sister. My mom has a friend that has a son and a daughter a decade apart and the son ended up to be the one keeping his mother company while the daughter went jet-setting around the world. I’m glad, despite the age difference, you’re able to find commonalities with your younger sibling.

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    1. I think, in a way, I’m glad to had been brought among boys because the family members on both sides of my parents’ families didn’t care about having a girl in the family. They all wanted boys. So I was cast aside like an outsider. Sometimes, that’s a good thing.

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