Share Your World – Week of August 29, 2022

1.  Which of the following could you do without? TV, Computer, Mobile Phone.

I think I’m like the majority to go with TV. It’s nothing but a giant computer monitor nowadays. I often watch my shows on my phone and only turn to the TV when my phone is nearly out of battery or my eyes are becoming blurry from watching on the tiny screen.

I can’t live without my laptop, though. I prefer to do my typing on a physical keyboard and it’s easier to edit photos on my laptop than on the phone since I need to blow the photos up to see the details on the 27-inch screen beside my laptop.

2.  Do you have a lot of old photographs in a box, or did you put them in albums?

I have lots of old photographs in a box. I tried to fit most of them into photo albums when I scanned them into the computer last Christmas but there were so many duplicates that I just don’t know where to put them.

3.  What was the first thing you bought for yourself when you started work?

As an adult, I truly don’t remember buying anything that special, perhaps some fancy groceries for myself? As a child, the first thing I bought after earning money from babysitting and other gigs were music CDs.

4.  What is the biggest thing you have bought that did not require finance?

What is considered big? Let’s see. I had to finance my house, my car. Hmm… I think the biggest thing I bought without finance was my braces. I was going to finance – make a down-payment and pay the rest over the life of braces – but I decided to make the full payment in cash using the money I saved the last 3 years so I don’t have to worry about it.

Share Your World

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