Friday Thoughts

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I had my annual eye exam this morning. It’s a requirement for one of my medications. Thankfully, my medical insurance is covering a portion of the cost. I have a feeling I still need to pay a hefty sum out of pocket because I saw the bill from last year when the clinic billed the insurance almost $600 for my eye exam.

What were they checking in my eyes? I wonder what could justify such an expensive eye exam. I know they were checking for retinal deposits. What else, I don’t know. There was no retinal deposit, according to the ophthalmologist. Still, that was an expensive eye exam.

Because I had to get my pupils dilated, it took me almost 2 hours before I could actually read anything again – the time on my watch, blog posts, notifications on my phone, etc. Thankfully, I didn’t had to read any road signs on the drive home.

I’ve been very annoyed this week.

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I’ve been getting 2-3 phone calls per day from telemarketers telling me to buy some kind of insurance that will cover my final expenses. “What final expenses?” I asked the first time. I was curious.

The person explained final expenses as expenses for funeral, coffin, etc. “Whoa, I will need to interrupt you there,” I cut in, “I’m not at that age yet.” I fibbed about my age and immediately the line went dead. I blocked that number.

A few hours later, same company, different number. This time, I hung up, blocked number, and reported spam.

The next day, again, same company, different number. This time, I screamed, “Stop f***ing calling me!” before hanging up, and blocked number.

So far, nothing worked. I’ve block at least 10 different numbers from this company. Who do they think I am? Needing to buy insurance for that kind of thing?

The thing is, I don’t usually answer my phone but I have been waiting on a call from someone to schedule the installation of my new fireplace and have no clue what number they’d be calling from. So far, all those spam calls have been from a local number, which is frustrating because my phone can’t always detect spam calls while a lot of the times, it gets it wrong.

My final thought for this Friday is I have been listening to a new Podcast (new to me) called Ten Percent Happier and I was listening to an episode on Wednesday about emotionally immature parent (EIP) and found it eerily relatable. When they were discussing the symptoms a child with EIP might have, I felt like they were talking about me. So does this mean I have an EIP?

12 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. I hope they stop bothering you. I’ve had a lot of calls hanging up when I answer lately. Local numbers is almost non-existing here these days, most people don’t have a landline, only a mobile phone. I hope you enjoy fall, looking forward to seeing some fall photos through your lens. You are an incredible photographer Yinglan.

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    1. I feel like this is just a phase because a few months ago, it was the IRS spamming me. So perhaps, this cycle will be ending soon. I think landlines went extinct along with analog TV in 2009. I have a landline but it’s plugged into the internet modem, so no power, no home phone.
      I will be traveling this week so there’s bound to be pictures in the next #weekendcoffeeshare. 😀


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