Truthful Tuesday 10-11-2022 on a Wednesday – Phone and Doorbell Disconnection

How polite do you find it to ignore the doorbell and/or the phone?   Especially if you’ve just begun to eat dinner or want to just veg out all by your lonesome?  Why do we feel obligated to do either thing in the first place?   One of my greatest peeves is the idea that I ought to be tied to the %$#& phone 24/7.     Your honest thoughts?

Most of the incoming calls nowadays are spam calls. A while ago, I wrote about getting spam calls from somewhere called, “Senior Benefits.” Yeah, it’s still happening. I ignore and block an average of 3 calls per day, that’s approximately 15 calls each week and 60 calls a month because they don’t spam me on the weekends. So I have no problem ignoring these phone calls though it has been annoying to have to block and report spam manually.

Oh, and did I mention I’m getting spammed on my work phone too, which is also connected to my phone through an app? My Google voice phone got spammed pretty bad a while back but lately, it seems like it’s stopped. I sure hope I’m not jinxing it.

I don’t understand this. Do these people honestly think I’m some 70 or 80 year old needing to buy insurance for my funeral? You would think after someone ignores and blocks your call so many times, you’d stop.

Now, onto doorbells. I absolutely hate that, especially when I’m about to begin eating or I’m half-way through the meal. Mom will usually make me get it as she’s listening to her YouTube shows on volume 100, which basically lets anyone with an ounce of intelligence know that the residents are home and are just ignoring them. I’d typically subtly peek through the blinds because, for goodness sake, no one thought of putting a peep hole in the front door.

I don’t know why there’s this rule to only ignore the salespeople. Why not ignore family too? After all, it is dinner time and I think, as humans, we are obligated to be completely focused at meal time to make sure we are satisfied without having to deal with any sort of distractions.

Lastly, I don’t feel obligated to be tied to the phone 24/7. I tend to go into the garden without my phone. I think it’s freeing not having to think about who can call at any moment and it’s the reason why I feel I need to places with no cell signals from time to time. Of course, there are times where having a phone with signal is critical but an hour or two of disconnection won’t hurt. In fact, I feel pretty good after being disconnected.

12 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 10-11-2022 on a Wednesday – Phone and Doorbell Disconnection

  1. Growing up it was common to have family drop in. When we lived in a house close neighbour/friends would knock or call first. Now that we are in a condo no one ever drops by without calling first. And salespeople are not allowed in the building!

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    1. I’m glad salespeople aren’t allowed in your building. I often have salespeople walking up and down the street and if I or someone step out of the house, they will appear in front of you before you can even make it back inside the house. It’s very annoying.


  2. Nope, I don’t feel guilty because over my door I have a sign that states, NO SOLICITING, although the Jehovah’s Witness doesn’t think that it applies to them.

    And I had to explain what soliciting meant to two young adults who were soliciting, smh.

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    1. Here, we often have Mormon missionaries knocking on our door, especially after mom befriended 2 of them by conversing with them in Chinese. Since then, more came and wanted to “get to know” my mom while trying to convert both of us to the LDS faith. I think even if I put up a “no soliciting” sign, they’d ignore it and still come knocking, though the sign is not a bad idea.

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