Sunday Poser #102 – Health or Money?

What do you think is more important; health or money?

Definitely health as no health means no money.

My logic is this – if you are not healthy, you will be spending money at the doctors no matter how rich you are. Medical care in the US can bleed anyone dry.

I have struggled with my health most of my life, more so in the recent years especially when I was diagnosed with lupus in 2016. I now have 6 different specialists who I have follow up once or multiple times each year. Let me tell you, they are pricey.

I just saw the insurance claim for my eye exam last month – almost $600. Holey moley! Thankfully, my medical insurance covered about 50% of the cost. Still, that amount is no small chunk of change. If I’m healthy and don’t need to see these doctors each year, I’d be saving myself a lot of money. Instead, I have to spend thousands of dollars each year paying for insurance, taking expensive medications, and seeing pricey specialists.

So yes, health definitely trumps money.


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