CFFC: Clouds

I shot this in Upstate New York near the Canadian border. It was raining on and off as I headed back to the US that day but right after we crossed the border into New York, the rain stopped. It doesn’t appear for long though because those clouds look like rain is imminent.

I think I’ve shown this picture before. It’s one of my coolest cloud pictures.

Finally, I think these clouds look pretty cool, too. This was one of my favorite places I’ve been to this year. I turned off the engine, climbed out of my car, and thought I had hearing problems. This place is deafly quiet – no planes flying overhead, no cars whizzing by, just a light breeze and some woodpeckers doing their thing in the distance. It’s the place I’ve been searching for. Now, if only I can go back anytime.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

7 thoughts on “CFFC: Clouds

      1. It definitely has a beautiful view. It was my first time to visit this part of the country and it’s so different from where I live, which is the intermountain west. We don’t have as much water and greenery here.

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