Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223: Flights of Fancy

This week, John from Journey with Johnbo is hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223 and he threw out a topic with three words I don’t think I’ve heard in quite a while – Flights of Fancy.

Being someone who suffers from anxiety, I have lots of flights of fancy despite every time I think of them, my brain would immediately show me the worst-case scenario. “Remember this…Remember that…?” My inner voice would taunt.

When I saw these canoes and kayaks, my brain instantly reminded me I’m afraid of water. “Remember the time when…” Geez, don’t I give anything to shut off that voice. One of these days, I will get in one of these and row a lap around a body of water even if I end up flipping myself into the water. For now, it remains a fantasy.

I love history, particularly U.S history. I don’t know why. It’s just fascinating to me. Anyway, when I went on my trip in September, one of the places I requested we visit was Washington Crossing. When I got there, I was surprised to learn the painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, which is on just about every school’s history books, is not an accurate depiction of how the event took place.

As I stood on the Washington Crossing bridge, with one foot in Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey (left side of the picture is New Jersey, right is Pennsylvania) looking out to the river, I couldn’t imagine how George Washington did it because when I learned the event back in school, I’ve always pictured the Delaware River to be narrow. This was definitely wider than I thought and with ice on the water and a northeaster coming at them, how in the world did they cross?

Don’t you just wish someone had invented the time machine already so I can visit that night to get a vivid picture? Until then, another flight of fancy, I suppose.

One final flight of fancy for me. I absolutely love the quiet and living in my current neighborhood and with a family like mine, quiet is nothing but a pipe dream.

When I took a trip to Highway 12 in May 2021, I knew there was no way I could stay in a motel room with three adults who were loud and obnoxious. We would’ve been kicked out for being loud and obnoxious.

So I rented cabins.

It was my first time renting cabins but I must admit, I enjoyed it and no one complained as our closest neighbor was a distance away. So they could be as loud and obnoxious as they wanted. Now, I just wish I have a cabin of my own to go to whenever I want to seek quiet and solitude.

11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223: Flights of Fancy

  1. A very interesting approach this week Yinglan. Having grown up not far from where Washington crossed the river I never noticed the famous picture made it look that way. Now I have to go look at it LOL! Loved your little cabin image.

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  2. Beautiful river image. I love the first one especially!
    I, too, love history, particularly U.S history. I enjoy reading David McCullough’s books. He is great writer and historian.

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