#SundayStills: #Paths and #Trails to my Happy Places


Even after living in my current neighborhood for over 13 years, I’m still not used to the cold weather – the 40-degrees days and 20-degrees nights. It always feels like it comes on too sudden, like winter sneakily shoving autumn out of the way. “My turn,” I imagine winter would say follow by a maniacal laugh.

Looking at the detail on my phone, this picture was taken about 2 weeks ago – October 23, 2022. That was the last time I walked in the park. I’ve been busy since – putting together my brand-new raised garden beds, cleaning up the garden, and putting the garden to sleep to hope it’ll wake in the spring with a vigor that’ll provide me with lots of delicious veggies and beautiful flowers.

Anyway, I think now that my garden is cleaned up and put to bed, I should really return to my walks in the park. Listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks on my walk puts me in a good mental state.


If there’s one thing I wish I’ve done in 2022, that one thing would be to go on at least one hike. I struggled quite a bit with my mental health this year, mostly due to being stuck in the house and had trouble obtaining my mom’s permission to go out. Add that to all the weekends being waken up at ungodly hours because mom was shouting at someone on the phone, I’m going to say 2022 has not been good to me.

The above photo is the trail to Cecret Lake (pronounced like “secret”). I hiked this trail last summer with my aunt. Though annoying as she was, at least my mom allowed me to go out into the mountains even if I must be chaperoned by my aunt. She went back to China at the end of last year and at the present moment, I’m not optimistic she’ll return anytime soon.

Nature does this thing to my anxiety like a claustrophobic person being out in wide-open spaces. It’s soothing and I guess it’s why I need to be in nature.


13 thoughts on “#SundayStills: #Paths and #Trails to my Happy Places

  1. Your first picture is so incredibly gorgeous, Yinglan! I love your description of winter shoving Fall out of the way with maniacal laughter! LOL! I hope you can get out of the house while you have good weather. We have major snow this morning and it likely is coming your way…I hear winter laughing!

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    1. Thank you. The weather hasn’t been good lately. There’s been a lot of wind, rain, and snow. We don’t usually expect our first snow until around Thanksgiving. I saw your picture of the snow in your area and my brain was screaming, “too soon too soon.” 😆😆😆 Yep, winter is laughing, all right, that sneak.

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