Share Your World – Week of November 14, 2022

Does the weather affect your mood?

Yes, it does and I think it’s partly because I live in a mostly sunny place with blue skies and white clouds on a daily basis. So if it were to go away like on a cloudy sky, it messes with my mood and makes me feel like there’s something wrong or out of place.

If a stranger smiles at you or says ‘good morning’ when they pass you in the street, do you return it?

I would absolutely return a “Good morning” back to the stranger. I did it often when I last went hiking in what feels like eons ago. Each time a fellow hiker or a cyclist passes, they would say “hi” and I would return with a curt nod and a “hi.” I’d imagine it’s something written in the manners 101 textbook.

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If you had a choice of just one of these things to eat, what would it be and why?
Chocolate, a sweet pastry, a plate of chips/fries (this is not a forever choice, just one instance).

If just for an instance, I would pick sweet pastry. It sounds like a fancy and yummy thing as opposed to just simple chocolate and a plate of fries. I’d imagine there will be some kind of cream inside and possibly a variety of berries on the outside. Mmm…

If you could go back to when you were a specific age, what would that be? Why?

I honestly don’t know if I have an age I want to go back to. Yes, there are specific periods of my life I want to relive like the first five years of my life before any of my male cousins came along. I’m not sure I want to go back to when I was five though, I feel there’s little to no benefits of being a child.

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