Sunday Poser #106 – Asking for Help

Do you ask or accept help easily? Do you find asking and accepting help easy? Or does your ego stops you from doing so?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in multiple posts on this blog about how I struggle constantly with asking for help. I think it’s something that was stemmed from my childhood. I don’t think it has anything to do with ego or maybe it does, who knows.

The truth is, I hate asking for help because it makes me feel useless. It was the vibe I got when I asked my aunts and uncles for help when I was younger. Whenever I asked them for help, they would turn around and call me clumsy, and boast how they are better at it than I am. I don’t think that’s what providing help is.

These days, I’m just afraid to ask for help, especially at home. I’d try to do everything myself first until I have absolutely no choice but to ask for help, like two weeks ago, I tried to move the 100-gallon grow bag so I could put a raised garden bed in its place. I knew if I asked mom for help, she’d say I like to go look for trouble. Hey, all I did was ask for a bit of help. I ended up moving the whole thing by myself, just because I don’t want to hear someone say something like that when I ask for help.

At the present moment, the people I’m most comfortable asking and accepting help are probably my manager and co-workers. I feel they are the most supportive people I know at the moment. Is that sad that I hardly have anyone supportive outside of work and this blog?

I feel if the family would stop being a bunch of egotistical cynics and narcissists, I might be more open to asking for help.


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