Truthful Tuesday 11-15-2022 on a Wednesday – Opera???

Have you ever been to The Opera? If so, did you enjoy it or not?

When you say The Opera, are you referring to a play where everyone talks and sings in voice high enough to break glass? I have not seen those kind of play. In fact, I’m not really a fan of opera. I’m not much of a fan of musicals, either, unless the music is very catchy and the actors break into a musical number in appropriate times like not in the middle of an argument.

Once in a while though, mom would watch Cantonese Operas on YouTube and it would drive me bonkers. This just proves no matter the language, operas are still plays where actors talks and sings in extremely high voices.

When I was in college, completing my first undergraduate degree, I was required to take two classes in fine arts. Of all the fun fine arts classes, I went with theatre and art appreciation – two subjects I knew nothing about. For theatre, everyone was required to go see a play. In my somewhat dimwitted mind, I thought a play was equal to an opera and I went online to search and search until I landed on a musical about Al Capone at a local theatre.

Mind you, other than school plays, I have never been to a real play either, at least not one performed by professional actors. This theatre wasn’t what I had thought. There wasn’t row seats like what I’ve pictured a theatre looks like. The audience were seated at tables like in a restaurant. I had a table of my own with a bucket of pop corn.

It turned out to be a musical but the music was catchy enough to convince me to stay for the show but it was the last live theatre show I would probably ever sit through as I nearly swore off theatre after the show. In the recent years, however, I found myself enjoying audio plays more than anything. The sounds made by foley artists really makes one’s imagination go wild. Now, that’s more of my kind of play.

2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 11-15-2022 on a Wednesday – Opera???

  1. I saw the stage performance of The Lion King in New York. I was mad as a snake when my husband bought the tickets. I moaned at him. Its a child’s story. When it started, we both burst into tears. It was really quite fabulous. It was hideously expensive as I recall, but I did also enjoy the phantom of the opera even though I saw the movie and didn’t like it. Save up and catch a real live play in New York one day.

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