#WeekendCoffeeShare – Planning for Christmas

Good morning! Come on in! Sit down, have something hot to warm your hands and let’s catch up on the week.

Would you like a pair of hand warmers? It’s been a super cold November this year. The daily temperature are about 20-degree-Fahreheit below average. It’s been feeling more like January than November, with the high barely above 32-degrees-Fahrenheit (0-degrees-Celsius) and that’s at about 3 PM.

I treated myself to another breakfast this Thursday while mom went into the office. It will probably be the last one for a while. I ordered from Black Bear Diner this time, just to use the remaining $6.78 credit on my Doordash account. I had braces installed on my upper teeth on Tuesday and haven’t been able to eat much other than soft foods. I was worried I might not be able to eat this.

Surprisingly, I was able to eat this, the French Toast was like a cloud, the eggs were perfectly made, and the sausage links were just what I needed.

My upper braces was anything but easy. The lady that did my braces remarked “it was one of most complicated tie-ins she’d ever done.” I was there for a little over an hour. The most painful part was the part where she had to thread a thin steel wire through the tiny gold chain in my gum to try to pull a tooth down. I can’t fathom how I will able to take this being done each time I go to get my braces retied.

After doing a few hours of work, I decided to go run some of the errands which had accumulated the past few months. Somehow, I felt like this might be the last week I could go to these places, like I’m about to be trapped at home or something.

I went to Walmart, bought myself some hand warmers as the bag of hand warmers I bought 2 years have run out. I have been struggling to keep warm – my doctor seems to think I’m suffering from Raynaud’s Phenomenon. I also bought a couple of terracotta clay pots to repot and separate my Aloe Vera mother plant from its pups (babies).

I also got some baby blanket yarn. One of my co-workers is having a baby in March and I thought I’d crochet a baby blanket. It’ll be a good project for the 2-weeks break from work next month. It will help me feel content of being stuck at home and not constantly feel trapped. If the project fails, I can always use the blanket myself. The yarn is crazy soft.

If we were having coffee, I would invite you to come over and warm your hands by the fire. My new fireplace is finally functional and warm. I will be enjoying this thing all winter long.

I also completed shopping for gifts for the department party, which I was somehow put in charge of planning. When my manager called me to asked me to plan this party, I told him, “You know I’m possibly the worst person to be put in charge to plan a party, right?”

He laughed and told me I could do it. I certainly hope so. After making the reservation on Wednesday, the party, somehow, felt ever more real than before I made the reservation.

Finally, this week, I also reflected on the gardenthe successes, failures, and areas of improvement. I had to split them into two parts as the word count for both parts combined equals to a whopping 1500 words. I don’t know about you but I don’t think I have the attention span to sit and read such a long post. In addition, I now try to write down some thoughts each Friday. This week, I have written 3 short thoughts – things that’s been on my mind of late.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Natalie of Natalie the Explorer. I appreciate you stopping by and hope to chat again same time next week.

14 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Planning for Christmas

    1. Thank you.
      It’s funny, I was thinking of the thoughts from yesterday’s post. My mom thinks I’m stressed about work, thus I’m losing hair. Inside, I’m laughing, work is the last thing in stressed about.

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  1. Stay warm! It’s 27F here right now. I took a bike ride earlier today and with the chill effect with the wind it was something like 10F, but I am used to the cold. I did grow up in northern Sweden after all. I hope your new braces are more comfortable now when they are in place. Best of luck with planning that party!

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    1. It went to about 32F today and already felt warm enough in my car that I needed to switch from warm to cool. Maybe I was just wearing too many layers or maybe it was the windshield radiating too much heat. 😀 Who knows.
      I was born in southern climates. I don’t think I’d ever get used to the cold. Have a great week. 🙂

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  2. Love your fireplace!! Good luck with the party, I’m sure it will be a success. Hope your braces don’t bother you too much. I’ve been wanting to look into Invisalign, or it’s equivalent, which has become more affordable. Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you. My teeth have been slowly regaining its strength in the last few days though I’m currently still pretty hesitant to eat normal (not soft) foods.
      From my experience, unless your teeth are very crooked and you don’t feel comfortable to smile open-mouthed, braces (not even invisalign) is recommended.
      Have a great week.


  3. Your fireplace got finished just in time for a cold winter. I know you will enjoy it. It’ good that you are taking some time for planning and doing something nice for yourself. Have a good week!

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