Sunday Poser #107 – Re-Reading Old Favorites

Do you like to reread old favorite’s again? Do you have favorite authors that you like to read again and again, or perhaps movies that you like to watch repeatedly?

I didn’t used to like reading. You’d never catch me engrossed in a novel or any sort of book back then. I think I fell in love with reading during the last years of my second undergraduate degree. I began digesting books like food.

My favorite genre at the time was supernatural fantasy. I read mostly books featuring witches and vampires. I didn’t care for werewolf or zombies. Those creatures just don’t interest me.

I had a few books which I read and re-read at the time. For some reason, after I put the book down, the story continued to play in my head as I wondered what would happen next despite the complete ending. Then, reluctantly, I would suddenly find myself re-reading the story like someone who’s at Disneyland and doesn’t want to leave.

When I was in my supernatural fantasy phase, I used to read and re-read the series by L.J. Smith. I loved the series The Secret Circle, Dark Vision, and The Vampire Diaries – most published in the late 90’s. Two of the three series became a TV show, which were completely different from the books. Even though I liked the books, I think I liked the TV series ever more because it was more exciting than the books.

My taste in books and movies and TV shows have changed in the last years. I seem to be no longer interested in reading about supernatural fantasy. No more vampire books for me. In fact, I tried to watch a drama about the Salem Witch Trials, couldn’t find myself interested enough to continue after the first episode.

These days, I’m into thrillers and suspense, maybe even a little bit of psychological stuff. My favorite author at the moment is James Patterson though I can’t find myself re-reading any of his books for the reason no one rides the same roller coaster twice. The second time is just not as thrilling as the first.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #107 – Re-Reading Old Favorites

  1. While most everyone in the park was watching the fireworks, I rode the “Raging Spirits” roller coaster at Disney Sea (Tokyo) eight or nine times. I wanted to be able to keep my head up and watch the loop as I went through it. There can be a degree of discovery associated with familiarity to once exciting things. 😉

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  2. I read Ayn Rand’s books often. I liked Dickens too. But mostly it is movies I watch over and over. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and Emma Thompson and Jodi Foster.
    Only clever people can read fantasy. I can’t grab hold of something I have not seen before and weird names mess with my dislexic brain.

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