What do you see # 161 – Thanksgiving Brunch

Note: this is 100% fiction

Let me set the scene for you: 4 friends in a restaurant having brunch. None of you celebrate Thanksgiving. Turkey? No, thank you. You all grew up in households with neglectful parents who also never celebrated Thanksgiving. Do you understand? Great, now places, scene, and ACTION!

Waiter: Do you want a refill on your coffee, ma’am?

Andrea: Yes please. (waiter takes the cup)

Kori: So, Katy, how was your trip to Cancun with Kevin?

Katy: (shrieks) It was A-mazing! And you will never guess what happened.

Stacy: (gasps) No way, he proposed?

Katy: How. Did. You. Know?

Stacy: (shrugs)

Kori: O.M.G show me the bling.

Andrea: (mouths) Thank you (as waiter hands over the cup of coffee)

And…CUT! That was great, now, let’s move on to the next scene. Ready? And…ACTION!

Andrea: You guys are so great. We should do brunches like this more often, not just on Thanksgiving.

Kori: I agree. We should do more brunches and something more terrific, maybe a brunch that beats all the other brunches on Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have you guys as my friends.

Stacy, Katy, Andrea: (mutters in unison) We are too.

Katy: (holding up her cup of coffee) Here’s to our amazing friendship.

Stacy, Andrea, Kori: (holding up their cup of coffee and speaking in unison): To friendship.


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