Truthful Tuesday 11-29-2022 on a Wednesday – Magic

Do you believe in Magic?

I think the word “magic” has a lot of definition beside the obvious one which is the one involving someone waving a wand and making something appearing out of thin air.

According to the dictionary, the word magic can be defined as “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”.

I dream often to wish I have such power, that I can snap my fingers and all my troubles would go away, that I would have the freedom to go anywhere I want, to cook whatever I want to eat, to eat whatever I want. Alas, this is real life and magic only exists in our imagination.

My answer to this question, I guess, is NO, I don’t believe in magic, but then that would me a non-believer of all the magical beings – Santa Claus, Tooth fairy, etc. – doesn’t it? Wait, I do believe in that stuff, silly, yes, but still. So I guess I’ll change my answer to a resounding YES.

I think I believe because I feel magic is the epitome of hope. Isn’t it?

Don’t we all think of magic in dark times?

I know I do as I often rely on my imagination to cope during bad times, which sometimes is as close as I can get to magic. It allows me escape temporarily and gives me a place of solace.

I remember I needed it constantly during my final 3 years in China before immigrating to the U.S. The adults treated like I was a clueless outsider instead of family. I never stayed with one relative for more than a few months before having to packed up and move to the next relative who wanted me. Without my imagination taking me to magical places, I wouldn’t know how I’d come out the other side intact.

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