Welcome December!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s about time. I don’t know why but in the last week or so, I began to feel anxious. I want December to come and I want it to come fast. Now that December is here though, I want it to slow down because it’s once again the beginning of the month and it’s time again for the month-end close. I must get my customers billed before next Monday as well as all the payment accounted and reconciled.

Part of me, however, feels December will be a quick month because of the holidays – Christmas follow by New Year. I’m looking forward to my 2-week break from work between Christmas Eve Eve and New Year. My mind is already coming up with a long list of things to do but will I do them? Who knows?

Now, let’s do a quick recap of November…

My garden is finally put to rest after an earlier than usual ground freeze. Once the ground is frozen solid, there’s not much I can do other than cover the garden beds with a layer of mulch and hope when it wakes up in the Spring, it will be rich with nutrients and ready to produce lots of delicious veggies and beautiful flowers.

I finally sat down and reflected on the gardenwhat worked and didn’t work as well as what I should improve for next year’s garden. I have started reading a new gardening book and I am definitely gaining knowledge from this reading. I’m looking forward to apply this knowledge to the 2023 garden.

There weren’t many pictures taken in November. I took a few while walking in the park and a few during a spectacular snow storm that dumped almost a foot of snow in my yard between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. It’s been a long while since there’s been a snow storm like this. I exercised my 50 mm fixed focal length lens and shot a few photos on Monday during the storm and Tuesday when the sun came out.

My wallet got cratered in November as the property tax on my house was due. This was the second year when I needed to pay my property tax. When I had a mortgage on a house, it was covered on the mortgage but now that the house is paid off, I must fork over the entire sum myself. Thankfully, I had enough saved for emergencies like this.

I think the property tax situation will get better next year because I signed up for the pre-payment program where a certain sum will be withdrawn each month to go toward the property tax. So when November comes, I just need to pay the deficit.

Mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she seems to be under the impression that once she sold her house next year, I will add her name on the deed to my house and as a veteran, she’ll be able to reduce my property taxes. I think I’d rather do the pre-payment.

What I’m looking forward in December…

Beside the 2 weeks break from work, I’m looking forward to the company Christmas party next week. The company is inviting us to go see the newest Black Panther movie. I watched the first one a few weeks ago and am looking forward to seeing the new movie. I’m glad I convinced mom to not go as she’s not a fan of these type of movie and I don’t want to hear her complain about the movie on the way home.

Beside the movie, there will be the year-end raffle for prizes. I always look forward to that. Oh, and don’t forget the food.

The week after the company Christmas party is the department Christmas party, which is the one I’ve been put in charge of. Though I know I’ve done all I could, I hope it will go well.

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