Sunday Poser #109

Looking good; Is it vanity or a requirement?

First of all, I agree with Sadje – “most of us want to look our best.” Looking good can definitely be a confidence booster for some people. Unfortunately, I’ve never felt the boost in confidence from dressing up and looking presentable as there will, no doubt, always be someone finding fault with me before I even step out the door.

I would say it’s both vanity and a requirement, depending on the length one goes toward looking good and the individual’s personal definition of “Looking good.”

My basic definition of “Looking good” is to look presentable – hair combed and tied (if necessary), breath smells clean, teeth brushed, face washed, and dressed in wrinkle-free clothes. Anything further would be for the sake of vanity like makeup and hairstyling.

I’ll shamefully admit that I often neglect these requirements especially on days when I know I’d be stuck at home such as the days when I don’t need to go into the office. I guess that’s what the pandemic made some people – neglectful of personal appearance as the result of working from home. Truthfully, I don’t see the point of dressing up and looking pretty when I would just be in front of a computer, not seeing anyone.

I must admit though, I am more diligent these days to make myself look good than I was probably 6 months ago because I discovered putting in a little bit of work into personal appearance each day is actually less work than if I put it off because then, it would had been too late.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #109

  1. I do think that you have a good point here. I think Covid did change peoples habits but actually looking presentable is key, and anything additional which doesn’t serve a functional purpose is mostly for vanity. I would have no issue of vanity if it was for a partner though as I think that shows some level of effort to impress them, which is a thoughtful thing to do 🙂

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