Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #229: “Perfect” Pattern

Anne Christine from Leya is hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge and she is challenging us to to search for somewhat (a relative term) perfect patterns whether in nature or in everyday objects.

In my opinion, this was a difficult theme because I’m the type of person who doesn’t pay attention to any sort of pattern or symmetry. I keep telling myself to practice as part of mindfulness but habits are hard to die and hard to form sometimes.

When I think of patterns, I think of crochet and knitting. My step-grandmother taught me to knit long ago and I taught myself to crochet in 2020 at the request of my dietitian counselor to help me relax and cope with everyday stress.

I recently started a new project to make a blanket for watching TV and a pillow for the living room. This is part of the pillow. It’s one of the 32 squares I need to make in order to join them to make the pillow.

To an untrained eye, this pattern looks pretty perfect but I would beg the differ. I’m not really good at joining colors yet and so it’s quite glaring that the color joint on this crochet square isn’t perfect but I’m quite happy with it.

As I searched my archive for more photos, I realized I may had underestimated myself at seeing patterns. I think patterns are sometimes what makes something beautiful. Like these petunias, the patterns on the flowers help lend symmetry and I quite like the purple one especially since purple is my favorite color.

Finally, here are some patterns found in architecture and building structures. After studying civil engineers, I’ve come to find out triangle and trapezoids are the most structurally stable shapes. It’s most likely why you see so many triangles and trapezoids on bridges.

The picture on the top left was taken in the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Though most state capitols have similar designs on the outside, the inside of each one is completely different. I find this design quite elegant looking.

The picture below that was from the Philadelphia City Hall. I was glad I looked up as I was walking through. Otherwise, I would had missed seeing what was holding up the building.

11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #229: “Perfect” Pattern

  1. Some lovely choices, Yinglan! I know there are more than you who found the theme difficult at first – but then found they did have patterns on their photos and they did see them everywhere! I love the square from your pillow and how you learned how to crochet yourself. My grandmother taught me crocheting when I was young and she taught me knitting as well. It is good to have a grandmother!
    I use knitting to relax too, now that it is too difficult for my fingers and hands with crocheting. I hope you find it relaxing – it is some good advice!

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  2. Great collection. I love all the bridges with the scenery surrounding them, and the Philadelphia City hall was pretty intriguing. I think we all realized, with this challenge, that we natural find patterns. I think the patterns might ground our photos. And good on you for taking up crochet. It does look perfect to me.

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    1. Thank you. Crochet can be a pretty addictive hobby especially during the winter when one can’t really go out because of the feet of snow on the ground. 😄
      I think there are patterns everywhere, we just need to pay attention to them.

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