Share Your World – Week of December 12, 2022

As a kid, did you have roller skates, a go-kart or a push bike?

I don’t recall having any of those as a kid. Before my mom left for the U.S., she bought me a large dollhouse and a Barbie doll whose hair I practiced braiding on. I remember playing quite a bit of house during my early childhood years. Beside the dollhouse, I also did a lot of jigsaw puzzles.

I lost all my toys when mom left and I was left with tons of homework while enviously watched my cousins played with their toys. If I remember right, one of them had a push bike.

 Also, did you belong to a gang or just hang out with your friends?

I don’t know if I belonged to a gang in middle school. I was sort of pushed in and out of the group by my former best friend. Thankfully, I found 3 good friends and we hung out at school. Unfortunately, none of those friends were mom-approved, so I never got to bring them home. They weren’t bad or anything. I think it was because they were like me, slacking in the physical department, as in we didn’t really like to exercise.

What is the best present, birthday or otherwise, you can remember as a child?

I never got presents for my birthday when I was in China. There was a very delicious birthday cake but that was it. When I got to the U.S., each year for my birthday, my step-grandmother would mail me $50 cash. I think cash is better than any present because cash means I get to choose what I want instead of what I get.

If a friend stayed over, did you have a midnight feast or did you go to bed and sleep?

Living in a small 2-bedroom apartment, I never had any friend stay for the night but I do wish I have the experience.

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