Post-Christmas Thoughts

Well, there went another Christmas.

Part of me feels like the next thing that should come should be spring while another part of me feels like spring is still a long ways away.

I had a productive weekend overall having finally imported all the old photos from my old laptop to my current laptop. I also finished sorting and merging photos in Lightroom. Overall, I probably deleted over 200 photos from my Lightroom library just by merging photos into HDR or panorama. I also discover quite a few gems in there, which I haven’t processed but I see potential.

Here are a few of those photos.

As this post go live, I’m probably sitting in a car dealership, waiting for my car. In early November, I went in to get the paint protective film put on my car’s new mirror, which needed to be replaced after my accident in August. After less than a month, the edges of that film began to come loose.

I thought it was just bubbles and did what the front-desk person suggested – take a squeegee and try to smooth it out. Nothing happened. So I took it to the shop last week and fortunately, they were able to squeeze me in today.

Part of me is thinking of going somewhere afterwards but the responsible part of me is saying there are work to be done at home. Gur… I hate that part of me.

Overall, this Christmas felt subdued. Nothing Christmassy happened. We had dinner at my aunt’s on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I spent most of Christmas Eve editing my past photos and Christmas day reading while mom spent the majority of both days calling China and complaining to anyone who would listen.

Beside reading and editing photos, I also took walks in the park. I was rewarded blue skies on Christmas day. Unfortunately, I had to cut my walk short when I became the unwilling victim of a snowball fight. Really, I had no interest of getting ice thrown at me on this already chilly day.

That night, we once again gathered at my aunt’s. After the botched dinner from the previous night (will be on a later post), my aunt was settled in having hotpot and because my mom doesn’t like the food her sister makes, she’d gone ahead and prepared the food she likes – pork blood and beef. Since it was a special occasion, my uncle decided to open a bottle of sparkling wine. Everyone, include me, took part in drinking except mom, who said she’s allergic to alcohol.

Though the bottle labeled “7.5% alcohol by volume”, I didn’t feel anything after a small glass. My uncle tried to refill my glass but I rejected the offer. Despite not feeling anything (maybe just a dull burn in the throat), I didn’t enjoy the sparkly. It tasted somewhat bitter like cough syrup or if you eat the white part of a grapefruit. Not a good taste.

That’s all I’ll say for now.

Have a good Monday.

8 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Thoughts

    1. I’d say it was more bitter than sour with a hint of cough syrup. It must be the alcohol. I don’t know how people do it. It’s like drinking cough syrup over and over. 😄 Happy New Year!

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