Truthful Tuesday 12-27-2022 on a Wednesday – Advertisement Influence

Are you influenced by adverts for holidays or anything else for that matter.

These days, I’m mostly influenced by the things that are recommended on podcasts, not advertisements. I listen to quite a few gardening podcasts and at times, they would recommend a certain products to try. It would pique my curiosity to check it out but most of the time, I won’t buy anything as most of the products don’t appeal to me despite it supposed to boost my garden one way or another.

No thanks, I’ll stick to the traditional methods of boosting my garden – by adding lots of organic matter like banana peels, coffee grounds, and other stuff.

Other than the news, I mostly stick to the shows on my DVR (which I can fast forward through the commercials) and streaming networks which are mostly Ad-free. Then, in my car, if I’m not listening to the music on my phone, I’d be listening to Sirius XM satellite radio, which is ad-free. So other than podcasts and possibly YouTube, I don’t have any advertisement to influence me.

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