Share Your World – Week of January 9, 2023

How long did it take you to get back into your normal routine after the holidays? (this does not have to be Christmas and New Year, but any holiday)

Do you mean getting back to life in general? Or back to work after the holiday? I don’t have any special routines during the holidays except enjoying the time off from work. It took me about a day to adjust to being back at work again after being off from work for a little over a week. It shouldn’t take me long as there are so much to do and I enjoy being busy.

Which makes you feel more relaxed, putting your feet up in front of the fire with a good book or socializing with your friends?

I am one of those classic introverts who dislikes most kinds of socializing. So count me out on that and just hand me a good book and a recliner and put me in front of a warm fire and I’ll thank you for that.

What is your favorite hot drink?

I have been trying all kinds of hot drinks from Starbucks but none is more satisfying than a large mug of rich Hot Cocoa, at least I haven’t found any cup of coffee that will beat that.

If you are feeling poorly, do you prefer to be pampered, or left alone?

If I’m feeling unwell, I absolutely do not want to be pampered as I don’t want to take care of that person when I’m once again well because I have no doubt I’ll spread whatever I have to that person.

Also, getting pampered will just make me cry because I can be quite mean when I’m unwell and I’ll feel bad for yelling at that person to leave me alone even though I know that person is just being nice and sympathetic. Call me weird but I don’t want anyone taking care of me when I’m don’t feel well.

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