Sunday Poser #114 – Criticize or Praise?

What do you think works better; Criticizing or praising?

In a perfect world, people would work better with just the right amount of criticizing and praising. A middle point – not too much of one or the other. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. For me, personally, I work better through praises. The reason being I’ve been criticized for just almost everything my whole life and criticism just makes me feel worse. It does not make me feel like I want to keep going. I also think praises work for me because praises make me feel hopeful and I’m the type of person who will always be curious of the outcome and through praises, it makes me feel the outcome will be good.

How do you handle such situations? Do you directly point out the flaw in the way they are doing something or go about it in a diplomatic way?

If I notice someone doing something wrong, yes, I will point it out. Instead of blatantly say it out, I usually go for a gentler approach by asking them, “Why is (blank) like this?” or “Can you please explain why you did (blank)?”

It’s the part of me that’s forever trying to make others happy. I try my hardest not to upset anyone while leaning on the part to hope this person will have this eureka moment of realizing his/her error and will go and fix it.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #114 – Criticize or Praise?

  1. Definitely with praises. I think problems should be pointed out but the right attitude mixed in and how things are worded can make all the difference. 😁 That’s my two cents worth.

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