WQ #3: Laughter – Form of Exercise

On Monday, I decided to cut my cable TV service after I saw a $20 increase on last month’s bill.

After comparing my bill, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The broadcast TV fee went up by $6 to $26. The service is only $10 and there’s a $26 fee? How did I not see this before? I decided to take a trip to store because it’s been near impossible trying to get a real person on the phone for my service provider. It was faster to get down and wait.

There was a part of me that had hoped there would a promotion and I could keep the TV service but there was not. Mentally, I began to run through every scenario I could think of but in the end, there was only one way to go – cancel the TV service. The only thing I truly miss is getting to record the shows and watch the day after. I guess it’s time for me to enter the streaming world.

Since then, I’ve been struggling to find things to watch at night – during the hour to 90 minutes between end of meal and shower time. Last night, I decided to give the streaming service that was included in my internet package a try. I’ve never really been a fan of streaming service as the wide selection of things to watch can be overwhelming at times.

Last night, I chose a 30-minute sitcom. It feels difficult to find a good sitcom these days because I feel the jokes are either not funny or I get bored after a few episodes. Last night, though, I finally found one I enjoyed. I laughed and laughed. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard and it felt good like I just worked out sort of way.

Did you know laughter is a form of exercise?

That’s what it felt like last night, like I did a workout without actually doing a workout. My belly actually hurt from laughing so much.

Wednesday Quote #3

20 thoughts on “WQ #3: Laughter – Form of Exercise

  1. TV bills are not laughing matters!!! Ours was $122, up over $50 from last month. Vince called and got them down $40, but I’m researching what we could do instead. How do you have such a low bill? I’d gladly pay $26. 🙂 So what sitcom did you watch that made you laugh so hard?

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    1. Ha, I wish my bill was $26. I’m saying just the fees are $26. My bill went from $123 to $145 this month. Internet+TV increased from $71.50 to $86.50 plus $10 for home phone. The rest are fees and taxes and equipment rental.
      Ridiculous, right?
      I was watching this new sitcom called Lopez vs Lopez. I think real humor is hard to find these days on TV.

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      1. That sounds more like it! We don’t have a home phone, and the $122 didn’t include internet, either. I tried to talk my husband into dropping it, but the phone salesman was more persuasive than I was.

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