Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234: Messages

Happy Sunday! Donna from Wind Kisses is the lovely hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and she has chosen a difficult topic for this week’s challenge – Messages.

I feel I am and probably will always be a technical person. I am someone who cannot make a loaf of bread or a tray of cookies without following step-by-step directions. I am someone who is always interested in seeing the technical details before photos – ISO, F-stop, exposure, etc. I am someone who loves to read the numbers on signs like elevation, distance, etc.

What does that have to do with this week’s topic?

Those things send messages to my brain and it seems like my brain has an easier time deciphering number messages than anything else like signs signaling directions.

I saw this sign shortly after I got off of the cable car. I wonder what’s an “easier way down” than riding a cable car?

Meanwhile, the arrow for ski patrol sends a bit of a confusing message. Are they in the ground? I’m not sure I would ever take the “Sweet Revenge” route, it does not sound fun even if I know how to ski. “Sweet Revenge” sends a chilling vibe down my spine.

I remember first seeing these small piles of rocks at Arches National Park during my first visit in 2011. They are meant to give directions to prevent hikers from getting lost. Though we still got lost in the spots where there was no places to put these rock, it presented clear directions where GPS technology wasn’t available.

I saw these for the second time in Canada when I was walking along the shore of the Athabasca River in 2017. I think it’s quite an unique way to send messages – using rocks.

Last but not least, what kind of message do these send? I haven’t visited a candy store in a long while but when I saw these at the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, they sure got my mouth salivating despite having just eaten breakfast. I wanted to get some, after all, I love Peanut Butter Cups but when I saw those prices. Eek!

I’m not sure how much chocolate I can get in a quarter pound and with mom limiting both of us on anything with sugar, all I could do was stare for a quick second before sighing and walking away from the delicious and wonderful looking chocolates.

19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234: Messages

  1. I had to laugh at your closing image Yinglan. I used to have an office across the street from this market and we often went over for lunch. Some of the most amazing sandwiches anywhere, ever! However it is difficult to get out of the market without blowing an entire day’s calories LOL! Excellent examples this week.

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  2. Candy? Yum. You have more motivation than I would have. I find it interesting that you go towards the technical details before the photos to organize your thoughts. The ski sign with the Mountain View is beautiful. I am with you on the Sweet Revenge. I shredded my knee on a trail like that. But I skied down on one leg because I was more afraid to get put in a ski patrol sled. lol. This was different and fun. Thanks for coming along.

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