#SundayStills: #Light

Of the years I have lived in this neighborhood, I cannot recall ever shoveling so many times during the winter. I think I’ve probably been shoveling every other day in January.

The above picture was from Wednesday morning as I was rushing to shovel the snow to get to work. If I don’t shovel, I wouldn’t be able to back out of my driveway. Unfortunately, shoveling also entailed shoveling the sidewalk that’s around the corner.

The cons of a corner lot house.

I don’t live in that house, my uncle and aunt does. They are scheduled to return from China on Tuesday though I haven’t heard anything. They should and better get back because I am not shoveling that sidewalk one more time.

January has been absolutely long and torturous for me. Though work has been extremely busy, part of me didn’t feel like doing the work. That part of me wanted to hop back into bed and sleep until spring comes.

I, too, was dealing with seasonal mood disorder and probably have been dealing with it since October or November. I think the only thing that got me out of bed each day were my overwintering pepper plants. It’s been bathing in light for 14 hours each day since I brought it inside to be overwintered.

It’s been kind of stagnant since probably November, since we fell back an hour, but it started growing again about a week ago. It’s even blooming flowers again. Looking at the flower got me hopeful that spring might not be far off.

Finally, today, January 30, finally marks the end of the Persephone period for my area, meaning there are once again 10 hours of sunlight. The daylight hours will only go up from here. This also means plants will start growing quickly again. It is at last seed starting season.

Spring is on its way.


19 thoughts on “#SundayStills: #Light

    1. This year definitely hit a record in snowfall. We’ve already achieved the average snowpack for the year and it’s only January. Temperature hit record low, too. As I’m writing this, it’s only 4-degrees-F outside. Feels like I’m living in the arctic. 😀

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    1. It depends on the type of snow. There are two types of snow – powder and dense. The powder snow has lower water content, so it’s lighter. The kind with the higher water content, that’s the kind that takes hard work to shovel.

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  1. Shoveling snow off a driveway and sidewalk is never a pleasant chore. So far, we have had the least amount of snow that I can remember. Feel free to send some of yours over this way to take some of the load off of you. 😉 Your feature pic is lovely and have a wonderful week.

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    1. The worst area to shovel is the dip where the driveway meets the road. It’s always a tub of ice there.
      Wow, I’m surprised, I thought most of the country is getting record-breaking snow this year.
      Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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      1. Oh, I know! We are on a corner too and the end of the driveway is the most treacherous. So far this month, we have only had to shovel three times and it was never all that much. Your back and shoulder muscles must be sore. 😏

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    1. It’s never been this often. It’s been a record snowfall year but at the same time, we have been in drought for many year. So I guess it’s sooner or later.
      I will have to hand-pollinate the blooms for now if I want pepper harvest. 🙂

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    1. No, I have not. I didn’t have SAD in 2021 because I was spending the winter looking at my plants. I didn’t plant anything indoors in 2022, so it triggered it. I will need to fix that in 2023.

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