#SundayStills: Recollection of Some #Frosty Places

I associate frost with ice and living where I am, it’s not surprising to see rivers freeze in the winter. The above photo was taken exactly one year ago today – February 6, 2022 – when I got the opportunity to get some solitude from my mom and visit a park a little farther than the one I frequent.

I enjoyed the walk that day as the park is a little different, in which it featured a stream with lots of wildlife – ducks, geese, mallard, birds galore.

I haven’t been able to make the same trip this year, at least not yet, because of bad weather and, well, not when I have to give mom a legitimate reason for me to head out by myself. I hope I may get an opportunity this coming Thursday if weather cooperates.

Does this picture look like somewhere in the Arctic or the Antarctic? Or perhaps I fell between a crevice between two blocks of ice?

This was Ice Castles – a must-visit place if you’re ever in Utah during the winter months. It’s man-made and it’s completely made of ice. It’s been said to be different each year.

It was a dream of mine to visit this place and finally got to visit in 2019 with my cousin and aunt when, for one weekend, I got to go wherever I wanted (within reasonable distance, of course).

I remember I had to bundle up in a scarf, several layers of clothing, and gloves. Even then, I was cold as the whole thing was made of ice. I got to exit the place in great fashion, though, by sliding down a slide made of ice.

I hope to visit again in a future winter.


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