5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Here are my 5 thoughts about Valentine’s Day:

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

1. Though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, it felt like the commercial world has been celebrating the holiday from the day after we rang in the New Year. I remember walking into my local Walmart just mere days into the new year and seeing red and pink stuff filling the shelves. I don’t remember it being as early the previous years.

2. Valentine’s Day is such an overrated holiday. Why should there be a day when lovers show love for each other? If two people love each other, wouldn’t they show their love every day as opposed to showing extra love or just love that one day a year?

3. I think Valentine’s Day exists in the commercial world to help keep the employed busy like farmers in South America get to sell their roses in the middle of our winter and candy makers can have that one day a year of booming business.

Aside from me, my mom, and cousins, everyone else in the family work in a cookie factory. If you live in the U.S., you might have eaten those cookies. They are super sweet with lots of colors and are sold in most grocery stores. They start making those cookies some time at the end of last year and make those cookies according to holidays. Without Valentine’s Day, I would say their jobs would’ve been less busy.

4. Valentine’s Day feels like it’s the day when reds and pinks take center stage. My co-worker decked out in pink yesterday – pink sweatshirt, pink nails, and pink key chain. Unfortunately, I like neither of those colors, when does grays and blacks get a turn?

5. The only thing I look forward about Valentine’s Day is the pink pancake breakfast at work. It’s not the food I really care about. It’s the co-workers-sitting-together-having-conversation part. I don’t know about you but after 3 years of working from home and only head into the office once a week, I can’t help but feel lonely at times despite not living alone. There’s really no conversing with mom as all she does is shushes me. So getting to talk to anyone outside of the home brightens my spirit.

12 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

  1. Halloween is the day for black. Most of my clothes are black. When my kids were teenagers we all wore black somewhere and someone said, and here is the Adams family. We all laughed, but autistics don’t get sarcasm so … Ha ha I I don’t know .

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    1. I would’ve given those people the meanest look I can manage. How rude are they? Some people just like wearing dark colors, not that there’s anything wrong with them. It’s just an individual’s personality.


      1. South Africans are not sensitive. Unless youcrealky push the envelope – then you die. Ha ha I we call it banter. We can stringca set of expletives together which are terms of endearment but foreigners would expect a gun fight. Those snobby women all have fake boobs and false teeth I told my children. I wasn’t lying. Money doesn’t buy humanity, only an illusion of grandeur. Fukcem I said


  2. Pink pancakes would definitely brighten my Valentine’s Day!

    It seems like the V-Day stuff shows up in the stores about 2 days after Christmas now, just like the Christmas stuff shows up the day after Halloween.

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