WQ #7: All Sorts of Grids

The word for this week’s Wednesday Quotes is Grid.

City Grid

When you mention the word – grid – the first thing I can think of is the city grid. As someone whose best subject in school was math, I absolutely love grids or perhaps I might have a rigid brain, one which does not do well with anything round.

This is a picture of the Philadelphia city grid as designed by William Penn in 1682. By designing a city in a grid makes the city easier to navigate.

Another city I know of that’s designed in a form of a grid is Salt Lake City. I find it’s extremely simple to navigate downtown and I’m not being bias because I’ve lived here for so many years. If you ever visited downtown SLC, you’ll know what I mean. Most of the streets don’t have names, they are simply numbers telling you the direction and blocks you’ve traveled from the origin (0,0).

Off Grid

I watch quite a bit of YouTube videos about people living off the grid. Though I don’t know everything about living in remote places nor do I know the first thing about being self-sufficient. I know those people are definitely not doing the same thing as I am doing but then they probably don’t have someone lecturing them and not being supportive of their lifestyle.

Aerial Grid

My final grid is one that can only be spotted from an airplane. The first photo is another city grid – Las Vegas – and the second photo is most likely somewhere in the middle of the U.S. as I was flying from Buffalo, New York to Denver, Colorado.

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