Sunday Poser #124 – Luck

Do you believe in luck?

Oh yes, I absolutely believe in luck.

I think I depend too much on it sometimes instead of believing in my own abilities. I believe that might be a confidence issue.

In my philosophy, a person doesn’t have unlimited amount of luck, a person only has a certain amount of luck per year sort of like the number of bullets in a gun. Once you use it all, it must be reloaded but in the case of our luck, it cannot be reloaded until the new year.

Sometimes, luck can be such a fickle thing. Rotten luck streaks can go on and on until we hit rock-bottom. Then, it’ll turn around and can be absolutely surprising. I think I won the raffle ticket drawing at the company Christmas party at the end of last year was because my luck hit rock-bottom when I had my accident. I could hear the tiny voice in my head that controls my luck saying, “That is the last straw, we are turning this ship around now.”

Yes, that is how much I believe in luck.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #124 – Luck

  1. I like your analogy about luck and bullets in a gun. It’s not unusual to find people believing in luck but you should also believe in yourself and your abilities too. Thanks for sharing

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