#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Jason

Please note this is fiction!

Photo by football wife on Pexels.com

“Set hut!” Patrick yells.

Catch the ball, I say mentally as I feel my heart pounding out of my chest, catch the damn ball, you damn idiot!

Gritting my teeth on my mouthguard, I focus all my attention on the ball between Patrick’s legs, which he will let go at any moment. Here we go.

In slow motion, I watch the ball fly out of Patrick’s hand, spin mid-air, before landing in my hands. For a moment, I stand, lost in my thoughts like a frightened deer staring at the headlights, before my inner voice screams, RUN, you jerk-face but before I can make a move, I’m at the bottom of a 5-person pile-up.

Ow! Why did I agree to such a violent sport again? Why couldn’t I just go to my classes and go home to my video games? Oh right, college.  

As a senior pulls me to my feet, Coach Pete comes over and says, “You suck, you know that? You will never make it on my team. NEVER!” Okay, you don’t need to be in my face about it. Geez!

I let out another sigh, pulling my helmet off my curly mess of hair. I guess a sports scholarship isn’t in the cards for me. Back to the drawing board.

Theme: A Day in School

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