Share Your World – Week of April 10, 2023

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Do you celebrate the Easter holiday and if not, do you have an alternative?

I observe Easter but I don’t celebrate it despite being a baptized Christian. I think understanding the meaning of Easter is enough. Besides, the Easter celebration around here is mostly for the children, not for grown ups.

I used to go to church until my favorite pastor left and the new pastor sounded more a salesperson pitching to sell Christianity to the masses than a pastor trying to tell stories from the Bible. I tend to lose interest when money is involved. Why must everything be about money?

Do you exchange gifts or have a traditional meal?

For Easter? There’s usually breakfast at the church. I’ve never heard of anyone doing gift exchange for Easter, though, that’s a first.

How many Easter Eggs (or alternative) did your receive/give?

None, I’ve never partaken in any type of Easter egg scavenger hunt, not even when I was a kid.

Was Easter a Bank Holiday in your country or did you have to work this weekend?

I don’t think Easter is a holiday here. I certainly don’t get Monday off and I only know of a few places that closes for Easter, not on the Monday following Easter though.

I never work on weekends anymore, not since my manager no longer allows it unless it’s urgent, and to be honest, I have better things to do – like catching up on YouTube videos and reading – than work.

I even took half of Friday off because I was just so burned out from work. There’s only so much one can take with reading customers emailing you complaining about the mess up pricing and that they are not willing to pay. I got more of those emails yesterday and it made me want to chuck my laptop at the wall. Thankfully, it was time to get off work and tend my garden, which always simmers down my inner rage.

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4 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of April 10, 2023

  1. Thanks for joining in. We don’t celebrate Easter by sending cards or giving eggs, though when I was bringing up a family, they had Easter Eggs. We received five cards and our neighbour gave me a Rolo chocolate egg and Hubby some special biscuits as she knows chocolate can aggravate his reflux issues. We shared both though as we timed it right!

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