Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #245: Environment

Happy Sunday! This week, Tina from Travels and Trifles is the lovely hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge and she asks whether we’re a city mouse or country mouse as in what’s our favorite environments.

I am definitely a country mouse. Going to the city scares me – the narrow roads, people crossing the street, cars suddenly bolting onto the road from nearby plazas or shops, yikes – yet at the same time, it’s somewhere different and it excites me.

I once again took a trip to Evanston, Wyoming yesterday. The 70-mile trip actually felt shorter this time. Maybe because the weather wasn’t as treacherous as when I went there in January. On the way back, however, I encountered a freeway closure and the detour led me into one of the oldest parts of the city where I was caught in a massive traffic jam.

I felt so claustrophobic, like my personal space was being violated. The cars in the right lane were coming too close for comfort as they were trying to avoid dinging the cars parallel-parked on the streets.

Maybe it’s because I have next to zero experience driving in the city. I learned to drive in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, always practiced on roads and in neighborhoods with little to no cars.

Mom would never let me drive when it comes to crowded places. When we go on vacation, she would insist she drives. The only time I get to drive is when I head into the office for work or when she’s positive there’d be little to no cars on the road.

Whenever I travel to any large cities, I’d find myself getting lost in the environment. Even with a map at the palm of my hand, I still manage to get lost in the crowded streets. Every little noise like the sound of someone jackhammering the sidewalk, cars honking, and even people shouting would aggravate me. The city is definitely not for this city-born country mouse.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #245: Environment

  1. Enjoyed your approach to this one Yinglan. Driving in the city can indeed be a nightmare but the good news is usually big cities have taxis and ubers so once you arrive you just park and let someone else drive! Unless of course, as happened to you, you are just passing through and that is indeed, a nightmare! Loved your closing snowy mountains!

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