#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Nick

Photo by Felicia Montenegro on Unsplash

Please note this is fiction!

Gently, I knock on the door. For God sake, Nick Miller, you are a grown married man having an affair with a married woman, man up and knock on that door. Before I can knock again, the door is yanked open and standing on the other side is none other than my fellow teacher and the love of my life – the beautiful Michelle Adamson. “Nick!”

The moment I enter her classroom, she pushes me against the door, slamming the door shut in a loud bang before pressing her lips against mine. For a moment, I feel lightheaded like being thrown by everything at the same time but slowly, as our lips melted into each other, I feel the world start to fade until we are no longer in a classroom, in a school, we are alone in our own world, showing our love for each other.

I didn’t want it to be this way – so secretive and choosing to do it at school of all the eligible places – but, for God sake, I am wooing a married woman. Technically, I would be committing adultery and going to hell for this but hey, you only live once, right?

“Oh my gosh, you smell so good.” Michelle complements me in between kisses.

“You mean the aftershave you picked out for me?” Instead of answering, we resumed kissing. Thank god for free periods and no cameras in the classrooms.

Theme: A Day in School

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