Sunday Poser #128 – Arguments

Do you like to win arguments or do you concede a point to keep peace?

As someone who grew up watching my parents argue at the drop of a dime, I do NOT like to argue at all. I think arguments are futile and just a stupid endeavor. Even a raise in voice is an annoyance to me.

I’m not saying a person should be a buddha and never get angry but is it necessary for one’s anger to escalate to an argument?

On seeing this week’s Sunday Poser question, I became curious and researched on why people argue because I’ve never understood the reason behind arguments, especially arguments between two people over silly little things like when my paranoid uncle accused of my mom of spreading the word of him and his wife taking a trip to China. I was like, who cares if the world knows you’re going to be traveling?

According to an article I read, a reason for why people argue is to “get what you want” and another is to “find out what you believe and what other people believes and why.”

In my opinion, arguing to “get what you want” is an equivalent to a tantrum. Everyone do it all the time. I’m guilty of such thing because I’m a human being and have inner desires.

The second reason, in my opinion, is a better reason for an argument aka debate. I see this as two or more individuals standing behind podiums delivering impromptu responses without shouting and getting into fist fights. That’s the kind of arguments I’d like to win.

To answer the question, I would say it depends on the type of argument. Practical debates behind podiums, yes, I will definitely go for the win. Pointless arguments with friends and family members? No, thanks, I’m not going to waste my breath and energy on that kind of conversation.


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