#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Orion

Please note this is fiction!

I still don’t know why I must start my junior year over! Christ, I’m supposed to be a senior. Great, now, I’m going to be a year behind the rest of society, all because my parents have decided to leave the comforts of Edinburgh behind for “new adventures” in America.

Peering back and forth between the half-sheet of paper the girl at the front desk called schedule and the tiny room numbers beside the door of each classroom, I try to locate the classroom for my English Literature class. Christ! How do Americans do this? There’s only a minute left in this forsaken race before the second bell rings. Damn!

I am about to give up and do the unmanly thing of asking for directions when an indescribable force slams into me, sending me flying backward. I must have blacked out for a few seconds because when I open my eyes, I find a giant standing over me, looking at me with curious eyes. Where am I? Am I a character in Gulliver’s Travels?

Before I can answer the question, the most sultry, sexy voice I’ve ever heard says, “What’s going on here?” Like rats, everyone in the corridor, even the giant that sent me sailing backwards, scurry to their next destination, leaving me suddenly feeling alone and vulnerable. “Are you okay?”

It’s like looking at an angel, with vintage fashion taste. “Uh uh,” I stammer, “I’m fine.” Has my Scottish accent gotten thicker and more incomprehensible in the last minute? Clearing my throat, I try again, “I’m fine.” Much better.

“What class you’re supposed to be in?” The angel asks. It takes me a moment to realize I’m still at school. I clear my throat again and fetch my schedule lying on the floor next to me and hand the paper to the angel. “Oh, you’re in the right place. You’re in my class. Dust yourself off and come on in.”

Theme: A Day in School

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