#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Wes

Please note this is fiction!

“Oh look, it’s that dweeb that froze during tryouts.” Regret fills my gut the moment the words spill from my lips. Patrick sneers while Tom scoffs at my remark. I don’t mean to be a bully. Words just come out before I can stuff them back and swallow them.

Josh bumps me on the elbow. “Come on, dude. Let’s see how the dweeb is dealing with the rejection of not making the team.”

Carrying a tray with a slice of the greasiest pizza imaginable on a thin paper plate and a pint of chocolate milk, I follow the guys to the table where the dweeb, Jason, is sitting. Patrick slaps Jason on the back, causing him to nearly choke on his food. “Dude, nice play today.” Patrick says sarcastically, chuckling.

Still coughing from nearly choking on his food, Jason nods while I think, the dweeb doesn’t look good. As the guys are laughing and making fun of Jason, I notice his face is quickly turning beet red and approaching a dark shade of purple.

“Dudes?” I say but no one’s listening. They’re still laughing, imitating his moment of weakness on the field.

“Dudes!” I call again while inside, I’m debating whether I should perform the Heimlich. I’ve never done it on a normal person before. It’s always been on a dummy. Suddenly, something takes over and in a matter of seconds, I set down my tray and get behind Jason. “One, two, three.” I count aloud and then, something green and jagged flies from his mouth.

“Dude!” Patrick exclaims. “That was…awesome!”

Theme: A Day in School

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