CMMC: May Close Up – Garden Update

With the last few days being unseasonably warm for this time of year, my garden has been blooming. The vegetables planted in March have been growing like crazy while the tulips in the front yard have started blooming overnight.

With the warm weather, the daffodils faded within a few days. Meanwhile, the tulips came into bloom. I also have yellow tulips but I like these two colors better, especially the pink. For some reason, yellow looks washed out on camera.

Beside tulips and daffodils, I also have violas and pansies. It’s my first time growing them from seed because I thought it would save me a few bucks buying transplants at the store. Let me tell you, these plants are so mightily cold hardy. They survived multiple nights in freezing temperatures. Though the flowers are smaller than the starts at the store – which I think might had been the result of the cold temperatures – I still love these dainty little things. So cute.

Last but not least, petunias. I found out my little piece of land has two climates. The front yard has full sun and faces south. So it’s usually quite a bit warmer than the backyard. Petunia is a summer flower. I plopped this plant into the tower on April 20. Two weeks later, it’s blooming. I would say this flower is about a month ahead of schedule.

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