UK Trip Day 3

I have been trying to enjoy the city but inside, every second of everyday, I’ve been counting down the days until when I can get home.

London is not for me.

I have been dodging people left and right today. People here don’t seem to look where they walk or they are purposely walking into people or they are blind. I was standing outside the restaurant waiting for mom to get dinner when someone walk right into me and bumped my sore shoulder.

My sore shoulder from sleeping on the plane and walking around with a heavy backpack in the airport that day.

Turned out, the guy was looking down at his phone. Dude, looking down at a phone can’t be more important than watching out where you walk.

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m liking London – bicycles don’t stop for pedestrians, people crossing the streets wherever they want, and the stampede of zombie-like people rushing from the opposite direction. It added so much to my existing anxiety. Also, what’s up with shops closing at 6 PM on Sunday? Still, I’m quite impressed at the space utilization like dropping a library in the middle of the city and almost every building in the city has a rich history.

We went on a river cruise today and toured the River Thames, saw Big Ben, learned a bit of history of London’s bridges, and took a walk around Greenwich – Royal Maritime Museum, Old Naval College, etc. It turned out Big Ben is not the clock but the bell that goes off every 15 minutes and the Waterloo Bridge was built entirely by women and it’s the only bridge project to be completed on time and on budget. I didn’t know that.

This was the sky when we were returning to Westminster from Greenwich. I still can’t believe how the weather changes in London. Mom said the weather here is like an emotional child. It’s crazy that the day started out clear and blue but ended with dark clouds that threatened to rain. Talk about a dramatic sky, something I don’t really get to experience often at home. Thankfully, there was no rain.

We’ve been lucky that the worst weather we’ve experienced so far was a few minutes of mist. Hopefully, it will hold.

8 thoughts on “UK Trip Day 3

  1. These days, traffic has to give way to bicycles and pedestrians, even if they cut across or step out in front of you. Didn’t know that about Waterloo Bridge. Our chancellor could learn a lot. Maybe we should have a woman in charge of the country’s purse strings.
    Sunday opening is usually 10am to 4pm, so shops open until 6pm is pretty good, unless it’s a food outlet and then it’s different rules for them. I remember when shops closed at 5pm, 6pm on a Saturday and there was a late night shop until 10pm on Thursday. There was no Sunday opening unless you were a convenience store, and Wednesday was half day closing and people shut up shop at 1pm! When do you go home?

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    1. Yeah, I can see that. Bicycles are king when it comes to that.
      I was trying to get some drinking water on a Sunday and didn’t want to pay a pound for a small bottle of water at the convenient store. Supermarkets are much less expensive when it comes to buying anything. In the US, grocery stores are usually open 24/7.
      I’m heading home on Thursday.


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