Sunday Poser #132 – Asking a question…

Do you ask the obvious questions? Stupid question?

This is a good question. I want to say I think before I ask a question and that I never ask stupid questions but I can’t. I’m human. I do make mistakes but asking obvious and stupid questions are a mistake I rarely make.

I get very peeved when people ask obvious or stupid question because I believe in self-exploration, in finding answers for myself as opposed to asking someone. I believe in the hands-on method of finding answers, especially when there’s a world wide web at my disposal.

Oh, and there’s something called the Common Sense.

It’s why I am often frustrated at the people in the family because they, like my mom, ask me everything and anything like I’m Google. Mom’s youngest sister used to ask me all kinds of stupid and obvious questions and it would annoy the heck out of me. Why is this? Why is that? Why why why?

If you don’t know something, go explore it yourself, be curious. I don’t know everything and I probably don’t know anything. I don’t know. My information may be wrong. After all, I’m not the world wide web nor do I have the knowledge of the world wide web.


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