CFFC: Catching People Unaware

It’s easy to catch people unaware in a city of 9 million people (according to the internet), especially during rush hour.

This was around 5:30 PM on a Tuesday, Whitehall – the street where most of the government buildings are located in London – was as busy as it got as mom and I weaved through the crowd of zombies trying to find dinner.

I’ve mentioned people like to cross the streets wherever they want here, like this guy trying to cross this busy street. It’s crazy, in my opinion.

For a museum, the British Museum is most likely the most crowdy museum I’ve been to. People start lining way before its opening time. We probably stood in line for 30 minutes before we were let in and that’s considered fast.

It’s actually a great place to visit but only if you have a curious mind for history and art, otherwise, it would just a waste of time. I thoroughly enjoyed the museum. There were sections where I liked, loved, and found uninterested. The thing I disliked the most was the people. There was people everywhere.

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