UK Trip Day 9

At last, a day to slow down and take it easy.

While we were stuck at the York train station the previous day, we decided to cancel our tour for the Windsor Castle that was scheduled for today. When I called the customer service number to cancel my ticket, the first thing I heard was, “You have reached the Buckingham Palace.”

What? That’s not who I was trying to reach. For a moment, I thought I dialed the wrong people. Thankfully, I did not and the man with the nice British accent was gladly to refund me the money. After the exchange rate, it was revealed I lost $0.89 on the exchange from British Pound to US Dollar.

Anyway, mom decided to take it easy today. She hung out at her friend’s house, did the laundry, and cooked some fava beans. Meanwhile, I spent the afternoon wandering around the neighborhood and found myself wandering along a meandering walking trail with wonderful natural sceneries.

14 thoughts on “UK Trip Day 9

      1. I found something similar when I was on a banking course in Haslemere in Surry. I went for a walk one day and found this beautiful valley where it appeared time had stood still.

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      2. We had more control over Maggie when she was off lead than on it, mainly because all of her training was done off lead on a one to one with Hubby as I was at work and he was home. He is progressing with Maya off lead, but only when there are no other dogs or people around as she is still easily distracted. Not everyone is going to associate a 35 kg shepherd running at top speed towards you as a soft teddy bear wanting to play, so we have to be very careful.

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      3. I blame the owners then. Maya is hard work and strong, so pulling on the lead is a battle. She is improving though and provided there are no distractions she’s brilliant……………. but, even though she’s big, she is still very much a puppy.

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  1. The mix-up with Buckingham Palace made for an amusing story. It’s great that your mom had a relaxing time at her friend’s house while you explored the neighbourhood and discovered a scenic walking trail. Wishing you more enjoyable moments on your UK adventure!

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