Day #3: No work Government Shutdown Stinks!

It is the third day that my mom stayed home this week.  I feel awful for her.  We are one of the many families affected by the government shutdown.  I remembered when mom got the news from her work that she might not be going to work the next day.  She was in the library when someone from her work called my home telling me to put her on phone.  I told them that she went to the library with her student to check out a book.  It sounded urgent and I wondered what could have happened.

The guy said he will call her on her cell.  I didn’t know what was going on.  It’s been about two weeks since I have had any time to even look at the news.  So I had no idea that we were on the brink of a shutdown.  You should’ve seen mom’s face though, it was filled with anxiety border line panic. The student’s mom kept on asking her what was going on since they don’t watch the news either claiming “why should they watch since they can’t understand English”.

I think that made mom even more anxious or was that anger I saw the other day?  Anyway, the news affected her most of all because that person from her work was recommending her to sell her leave days and that is a huge problem for her.


Because she was heading back to China next week using her paid leave and with the shutdown, she might not even get paid.  I felt so bad for her since she planned this trip over 2 months ago.

Right now, she’s in the backyard finishing paving it with sand.  I can tell she’s anxious to go back to work.  She is constantly checking her email for the good news of returning to work and staring at the computer screen waiting for news of when this shutdown is going to end.  I am thankful that I still have work although that makes busy and tired as hell, I am thankful that there is income coming in.  At this moment though, I wish that my student’s mother would just stop bugging us twenty-four seven and let us have some peace.

3 thoughts on “Day #3: No work Government Shutdown Stinks!

  1. This government shutdown is creating havoc around the country. I’m so sorry to hear about how it has personally impacted you and your family. Let’s just hope they get it together soon, so people can go back to work and get paid.


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