Do these people ever care about the price tags?

Do you know someone who buys things without looking or caring about the price tag? My boss, Mr. X’s wife, is one of those people.  She rarely give a price tag a second glance and yesterday, her debit card got declined probably because of that.  But first, let me tell you about a couple days ago.

A couple days ago, I went shopping with Mr. X’s wife, not that I had a choice.  Anyway, upon arriving at the mall, she went straight to Macy’s to look at clothes.  It was having a sale that day, 40% off Ralph Lauren Polo.  She began trying on just about every jacket on the rack, just putting it on without going to the fitting room.  Typical Mrs. X, just grab and try.

The thing is, until it was time to check out, she had no idea how much each jacket was.  I couldn’t care less at the moment to look.  Let’s just say I was angry at her for dragging me to a mall when I had better things to do at home.  So the cashier rang up the prices, $81, $71…, she saw the total, $208, and her eyes did a double take.

She stared at me, “Why are these clothes so expensive?” She asked and I repeated the question to the cashier.  It was then the cashier showed me the price tags, $119, $129…, and 40% of the price has already been taken off.  In the end, she only bought the $81 jacket but it was still over the top for me.  I mean, for $81, I can get a dozen shirts and pants for that price.  As we walked out the store, she kept saying “Not worth it, not worth it.”

I was like duh, everyone knows the clothes at department stores are not worth it.  That’s why my mom and I don’t shop at department stores except if there is an 80% off the original price or some sale where the clothes are reduced to less than $10.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, brand names are not cheap and sometimes we’ll make mistakes.  You’ll be the one to do a double-take after I tell you this.  So that day after lunch, we went to some environmental friendly cosmetic store.  Apparently, her daughter recommends her to bathe in these environmental friendly soaps and shampoos.

As soon as I entered the shop, I knew it was one of those expensive shops.  The prices were ridiculous, at least to my standard.  $5.95 for a tiny bar of soap? That is outrageous.  For that price, I can get six bar at the supermarket but Mrs. X did not care.  She told me her daughter told her that this is good stuff.

First thing’s first, she asked me to guide her to the shampoos.  So I led her to the shampoo bars, solid sweet smelling bar that was apparently used to wash hair.  I was immediately confused, how do you use a bar of soap to wash your hair? I’ve never done that before, at least, I’ve always bought bottle shampoos.  According to Mrs. X, the solid bar is just like the bottle, you just rub it all over your hair like you would with a bar of soap.

Anyway, she still seemed to be uninterested at the price per bar of shampoo, she picked up two of each of the three smells at $6.95 each.  Then we moved to soaps which is even more ridiculous.  Since the soaps are custom cut from a humongous block, the cut ones are even more expensive, the cheapest was like $15.  Still, she grabbed and grabbed like a child picking eggs out of the carton.  I stood on the side waiting for her.

At last, she was done and it was time to check out.  Beep, beep, beep, the cashier scanned each item and carefully placed each one into bags.  “$264.70,” the cashier announced.  I did a triple-take at the number and glanced at Mrs. X, her face, surprisingly was expressionless.  She swiped her card and smiled.  I couldn’t believed it, she does a double-take when she saw the total for the clothes but not this.  Hello, who buys almost $300 worth of soaps and shampoos? No one, I bet even celebrities wouldn’t spend that much on their bathing items.

Based on my observation during the past month, I’ve concluded that Mrs. X is an odd person, sometimes she buys the most expensive things and sometimes she would keep saying “not worth it” when it’s worth it except for the clothes, that is really not worth it.

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