The Shock in 10 Years

If I woke up one day and realized 10 years have flown by, I think my initial response would be dread and sad because well 10 years have gone by and I didn’t get to experience any of it. in reality, time flies by extremely quickly. I would not be shock to wake up tomorrow and I am 10 years older because look at now, it’s August, just like that. I would be shock, however if I am still living in this same house as I am now.

Because this means, not only did I not accomplish anything but I probably don’t have a decent income to properly support myself. Worst of all, I am still living under the same roof as my mother! I will probably become my family’s laughing stock and will never show my face to the world again.

In truth, I have imagined what my 20’s would be like more than a decade ago when I thought we would settle in Los Angeles permanently. My mom and step-dad kept pushing back and forth at the idea of moving to Texas to be closer to his parents. It gave me false hope time after time just like when my mom promised to take me to the U.S..

Then it suddenly happened, in a blink of an eye, we were packing our things and moving half-way across the country. But before they dropped the bomb on me, I actually imagined what I would be doing in my 20’s which is very similar to what I wrote a few weeks ago. I would be successful, have a stable job that I love, probably with a computer software company somewhere in California. Then I will come home everyday to someone who loves me and takes care of me.

Did that turn out different? Not only am I not in California working for some computer company like I dreamed, I am still in school. I guess life isn’t what it seems sometimes.

I think the biggest shock is I still look the same! Most of my former friends even classmates have that adult-look in them and meanwhile, I still look like a child. It has its pros and cons. The con would be the difficulty of finding employment because people don’t take you seriously when you look like a 10 year old. I swear, if I still look like this when I’m 50, I will go consult a doctor or something to find out if I have some kind of forever-young curse going on with my body.

9 thoughts on “The Shock in 10 Years

  1. I think I’d rather look forever young, than old before my time. If you did have some forever young thing going on, it would be cool to find out and make lots of $$$ from your secret! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m 22 and this whole past year I’ve been asked if I was about to graduate high school. On the bright side I’m hoping I’ll look like a 20-something when I’m in my forties. Life can be irritating, but I like to think everything will fall into place eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  5. As your elder (age 59 and a half – I add the half since spouse is 6 months younger and loves to tease me about that!) looking down from my perch of wisdom, I will pass on you a mantra picked up from that immortal sage, John Lennon. I hope you recognize that name, even though his heyday was well before yours. I cannot remember Mr. Lennon’s quote verbatim but it goes something like: Life is what happens while you make other plans. That saying helped me get through a lot of unexpected changes in my life. It’s easy to remember, too.

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