What a day!

Well, yesterday was quite unexpected. If you’ve read yesterday’s post, you’d know how it started. How it ended, is another thing. As I was driving home yesterday with my aunt and cousin, my car decided to quit, not literally but almost. The RPM started dropping fast on the freeway and no matter how hard I pressed on the gas. It scared me to death.

So I barely made it home, ate the delicious lunch my mom made and then shakily drove my car to the mechanic. They can’t even diagnose the problem after I blurted the entire story to the front-desk guy. So mom had to drive me home and wait.

A few hours later, the mechanic called me back and told me the intake mass air flow sensor was bad which caused the car to wheeze and the RPM to drop suddenly. It’s going to cost $450 to fix it. Mom said no, we’re not throwing any more money into this car.

I felt like my heart’s been broken into a million pieces and I immediately wanted to cry. She wants to throw my car away. 😦 The car that’s been with me through so much ups and downs. She wants me to post it online to sell it. Me, of all people. That’s like asking me to sell my organs or something precious to me.

How can a day that started out okay-like be turned into so dark and horrible? Mom and aunt are going to help me down-pay a new car but I don’t think I will ever feel the same as when I’m driving my old car. Well, that’s 10 minutes and I shall stop my sad rambling.

3 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. I know how attached people can get to their cars so don’t feel bad about feeling sad. Store up your happy memories of this car and then look forward to making different ones with the new car 🙂


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