Exam Day

I am a mess at the moment. In fact, I feel like I am about to blow. With the endless pile of homework and exams, I don’t have a spare moment to relax.

Today is Saturday and I have an exam in a few hours. My school has this weird policy that every exam has to be taken at a test facility so the instructors won’t waste a class period just sitting there waiting for the students to complete the exam.

So the exam was opened last Saturday and I could’ve taken it anytime during the week but I don’t have a car of my own that I can use anytime and I have to take my aunt and cousin to and from their school, well, let’s just say today is the best day for me.

I don’t know if I can even pass this exam. I didn’t study for it like I usually do for all my exam. Yesterday, I spent my entire afternoon and night doing homework except for an occasional sneaking onto wordpress to read blogs but other than that, it’s been homework.

This class is the second toughest of my four classes right after Individual Taxation. The instructor is an old guy and I often have no idea what he’s talking about. The stories he tells in class is fascinating and it might help me someday but it doesn’t do anything for me now. It feels like it’s just a waste of time to sit in lecture all day.

He doesn’t talk about what’s going to be on the exam either and so I’ve been asking around the entire week. Apparently, everyone in the class is also waiting until today to take the exam. The room might be cramped with people from class. Yikes!

How can you study for an exam when you have no clue what it is going to be on? Yeah, there’s the textbook and I know the exam covers three chapters but that’s 100+ pages! He isn’t expecting us to read all that and be able to absorb it all, is he?

At the moment, I am nervous, tired and sleepy but cannot sleep, and frustrated; mom got mad for no reason at all the moment she heard my door open. I know I did everything I am not supposed to do last night, the night before the exam; sleeping late and doing homework all night. Man, I can’t wait until the exam is over and then I can focus on my homework and really study for the other exam that I’m going to take on Monday.

Wish me luck today with my exam. I’ll need it considering all the chaos that’s been going on the past week or so.

10 thoughts on “Exam Day

  1. Wow. I always felt like I was wasting time sitting there while my students took exams. I put most of them online so 1) I didn’t have to sit there like an idiot, 2) they could cheat, get a good grade and then fail the final (which I did sit there for) OR they could take it and actually learn (which most did). Good luck!

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    • Thanks! Ooh, I think I’d loved you as my instructor. 😀 I actually prefer to take my exams in class because this way, I am less likely to get distracted even with the scratching of the pencils.

      I am actually new to this going to the testing center and taking test thing and still adjusting to the idea that I can go at my own time.

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      • That bit of doing things in one’s own time is a big adjustment for most students. A lot of my students had a hard time remembering to take a quiz. Since they were business majors, I figured it was good training for work which would definitely involve a lot of deadlines.


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