A Family of Snobs

I don’t know if I wrote this before but I am a highly doubtful person. I don’t know when I became that person but I am very doubtful. I have trouble trusting my gut instinct on everything. Therefore I cannot claim to be an expert in any sort of subject or fields.

Life is simple for me, just long as there are no catastrophic chaos coming my way, I will be the happiest person in the world. Of course, that rarely happens since this is life and not fantasy.

Before that, I used to care a lot about my jigsaw puzzles, that was when they were pre-framed and were held loosely together by some very bad puzzle glue. A little note: don’t get the cheap puzzle glue, they don’t hold. Anyone messes with it, they would get to see me unleash my wrath. Just kidding, my wrath is a round of scolding and stomping the floor. I’m childish that way. 😛

However, I am not snobby even when it came to my precious jigsaw.

My family, on the other hand, are a bunch of snobs. Yes, mom, aunt, and cousin are all super-big snobs. They think they know everything about anything. I often get the I told you from mother whenever we go clothes shopping. I tell her this shirt won’t fit and she’s like just go try it on. Well, it fits and she gives me that know-it-all glare. Okay, I guess she’s snobby when it comes to the subject of me.

The one on the right is the snobbiest and spoiled rotten of them all.

The one on the right is the snobbiest and spoiled rotten of them all.

Currently, my cousin is the largest (tallest) person in the family and for the past month he’s been here, I’ve somehow been cowardly hidden in the corner, almost like letting him be king. I don’t know why I do that. I guess I’m just afraid of getting beat up? Wait, getting beat up by your little cousin?

That’s pathetic.

He is most likely the snobbiest stuck-up person I’ve come to know, by far. He even surpasses mom and aunt by a long range.

First of all, I didn’t know him that well back before I immigrated to the United States since he was only 3 or 4 at the time. So him moving into my home is like inviting a stranger in. I don’t know his habits or anything about him.

After a month of living with him though, I basically found out everything. He is a snob when it come to food and entertainment. For food, he always eats the best, the freshest. Even if it’s overnight, he won’t touch it. Last night, he barely touched the ham because it’s been in the fridge for a day and a half. On Monday evening, mom told him to fry some rice with the ham for lunch. Guess what, he rather had imitation crab than the overnight ham.

The other day, I even find myself debating with him about whether the song that was playing on the radio was a remix or the original version. The song was “Clarity” by Zedd and of course it was the original version. I have no doubt but he said it was a remix. Thank god, I stepped on the gas and hurried toward the Davis Community Learning Center, where they are going to school, and got there before he had time to argue back.

Oh my gosh, I have so much to complain about his snobby and spoiled rotten behavior, even his table manners are deplorable. It’s like living with an uncivilized human being. It’s like living with the Li’s except maybe with a teeny tiny improvement.

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